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tiag's core strength resides in its people -- their technical and management acumen as well as their integrity and dedication. The group is highly skilled, creative and responsive to customer needs.

tiag is composed of leading experts from private sector industry and among career transitioning military personnel. We deliver a deep pool of experience and talent with which we can respond to a broad range of client requirements.

tiag is proud of its staff and is dedicated to providing first-class professional career opportunities. Our dedication to our staff ensures their professional goals are met through continued stimulating work. The close camaraderie among our group creates an inspiring and productive environment for growth. The company's comprehensive benefits, combined with opportunities for professional challenge and reward deliver coveted professional careers.

tiag's members pride themselves on their level of dedication, expertise, passion and commitment to the customer. Our backgrounds cover the spectrum from trail-blazing technology leaders to physicians and nurses with extensive clinical informatics backgrounds in enterprise medicine, enterprise-wide network engineering experts, lean six sigma black belt & masters business transformation professionals, enterprise architects, information accreditation and security experts, program management professionals to pure technology development ingenuity.

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